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 Nicholas Clark  April 29, 2019  Success Stories
Sarah, a student in last year's U.S.-China Social Hackathon, was featured in the CCTV documentary "Found along the Silk Road," where she discussed tea culture in China. Though she's already been accepted to Stanford University, she decided to take a gap year between high school and college in order to study Chinese at Beijing No. 80 High School through a scholarship from the National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y). Watch the documentary below or on [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/cctvcom/videos/575478219632875/UzpfSTEwMDAxMDM4OTEzNjQ3NDo3OTM1NDExODEwMDIxNzk/): For more information on the U.S.-China Social Hackathon, visit [www.uschinasocialhackathon.com](www.uschinasocialhackathon.com). For more information about NSLI-Y, visit [www.nsliforyouth.org](www.nsliforyouth.org).
 Nicholas Clark  July 9, 2018  Success Stories
During session one of the U.S.-China Social Hackathon, students from the U.S. and China worked together to create social enterprise business plans addressing problems related to waste management, human migration, and the role of technology. Take a look at their business ideas below~ ###Livingreen Livingreen is a mobile application that rewards sustainable purchasing, partnering with brands and food-delivery platforms to incentivize environmentally friendly choices. ###Cross-Cultural Connect Cross-Cultural Connect is a mobile application that aims to build a social community of migrants through localized content and collaborations with schools and other officials. ###iOpinion iOpinion allows college students to earn money from sharing their data with companies that want to improve their AI systems. ***To learn more about the U.S.-China Social Hackathon, visit our official website [here](http://uschinasocialhackathon.com).***
 Nicholas Clark  February 19, 2018  Success Stories
A new cohort of young inventors & innovators has arrived! Last week, we challenged a group of students to build an invention to solve a problem they observe. Using the incredible TokyMaker kits from TokyLabs, our students assembled and programmed devices without having any background in tech or hardware. After a design thinking workshop, students began to bring their ideas to life. They worked together to write and troubleshoot their code, but in the end, they each created an invention of their own. Students could even write code from their cellphones! Inventions ranged from a laser-guided sight that prevents the user from falling asleep, to an automatic light strip that gets brighter as you approach, making it easy to unlock your door at night. After building and testing their inventions, students took the stage to give a TED-style talk about the problem they're helping people solve. We're so proud of our students and wish them success in the future! Special thanks to our partners: TokyLabs, Squiggle Labs, and Bespoke Mentors
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