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[Apply Now] 2019 U.S.-China Social Innovation Fellowship
 Nicholas Clark  March 25, 2019  Announcements

What are you doing this summer?

We're looking for motivated and globally-minded college students to join us this summer as Social Innovation Fellows.

As a fellow, you'll mentor a group of American and Chinese high school students in the U.S. - China Social Hackathon, where they're challenged to come up with a solution to a problem they observe in their communities.

Fellows will guide students through the process of brainstorming their idea, collecting feedback, and designing a minimum viable product. At the end of the program, they'll pitch their ideas to a panel of social entrepreneurs.

Over the course of 5 working meetings, fellows will guide their group members to explore one of the topic areas below and identify a specific problem they observe within the topic area. Students will create a profile of the "users" who face such a problem, and develop a digital solution to address the problem. The 6th and final meeting is the group pitch day.


Health & Wellness

From exercise and medicine to organic eating and late-in-life care, health and wellness touches almost every aspect of our lives. What opportunities exist in this space to promote healthy living, ensure access to high quality and safe foods, prevent diseases, and treat medical problems?

Urban Living

Countries like India and China are urbanizing at some of the highest rates seen in human history, while countries like the U.S. are seeing urban decline, or the erosion of culturally distinct areas due to gentrification. These are just some of the modern phenomena that are changing the nature or urban living. How can we ensure that all city residents are able to live a fulfilling life no matter where in the world they are?


Around the world, access to education is often determined by how much money a family earns. In the U.S., schools receive revenue based on taxes assessed on the value of property within their district, meaning that schools in wealthy areas have greater access to funding for teachers and classroom materials than those in poorer areas. In less-developed countries, children in poorer areas sometimes must forego an education in order to provide for their families. What can be done to make access to quality education more equitable and more readily available?

Social Media

As communication and social interaction increasingly take place online, social media networks face enormous challenges to manage not only personal privacy, but also to prevent manipulation of publicly shared data. How can we ensure that social media networks serve the common good, while also ensuring a healthy market for growth?

Sports & Technology

Athletics teams are worth billions of dollars and continue to globalize. At the same time, countries are making huge investments in building home-grown sports programs to compete on the world stage. What role can technology play in this process, from the perspective of countries, team owners, athletes, and fans, to improve the way sports are managed and consumed?

Financial Literacy

From QR-code payments to blockchain to mobile-only banks, the digitization of the banking industry is changing the way people interact with their money, often even eliminating the need for a physical asset. What opportunities are there within this trend to increase understanding of financial opportunities and management, especially for poor and rural populations?

Fellowship Details

  • Dates
    • Session 1: June 24 - July 5
    • Session 2: July 29 - August 9
  • Format: Zoom video conferencing (account provided)
  • Timeline
    • Applications due June 3
    • Twenty minute online interview with DIVVII within two weeks of application
    • Submit proposed discussion topics for preferred topic area within two weeks after successful interview
    • Receive group assignments June 19th

Fellow Responsibilities

  • Design a series of discussion topics within your topic area
  • Lead a series of group discussions and activities following DIVVII's lesson plan
  • Track student assignments and follow up about unsubmitted work
  • Submit a report/reflection after each class meeting
  • Evaluate student projects on pitch day


  • Current undergraduate or graduate student at an internationally-distinguished college or university
  • Demonstrated interest and fluency in entrepreneurship concepts and/or international business through campus events, student company, volunteering, or class concentration
  • Awareness of world events and are aware of global issues and trends
  • Able to use a laptop or desktop computer in a quiet location for all twelve video meetings (no mobile or tablets for fellows)
  • Preferred Candidates:
    • Founded or co-founded a successful student company, and/or received recognition from an accelerator, incubator, or business competition;
    • Demonstrate an understanding of Chinese business, culture, and/or language through study abroad, research, and/or internship/work experience;
    • Have experience as a tutor, teacher, or academic mentor (in any subject); and/or
    • Have experience as a group leader or manager (e.g. resident assistant; student organization, Boy Scout, youth group, or other team leader; intern coordinator; shift supervisor, etc.)

Click here for more information or apply now!

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