The Subsidiary Companies Of DIVVII

DIVVII is an entrepreneurial services holding company that aims to use data science, machine learning, and digital media intelligence to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to access the resources required to achieve entrepreneurial success.

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DIVVII Media is a smart customer acquisition agency that uses big data and historical knowledge to help people acquire customers for their business or organization. Through data science, historical knowledge, and alliances, we're able to identify, track, and market to our client's ideal customers.

DIVVII Capital

DIVVII Capital helps startups scale through customer acquisition, financial investment, and social investment.We believe that anyone from any background deserves to have a voice in their communities, and a chance to develop their entrepreneurial potential. Launching in Q1 of 2018.

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DIVVII China promotes cross-border innovation through mentoring, community-building, and education. We offer events, workshops, and one-on-one mentoring to adult entrepreneurs, as well as design and implement mentorship-driven innovation and entrepreneurship training for students.  


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