U.S. - China Social Innovation Hackathon

Applications Due

Friday December 1

Program Begins

Sunday December 3

Short Term Program

 12 students


 High School Level Program

 4 Meetings


A three week program where U.S. and Chinese students will collaborate online to design a solution to a problem they observe in both their communities. Each group will be led by a mentor and will pitch their idea to a panel of judges during the last meeting. Participants will learn what is social innovation, how to identify a value proposition, how to design a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), how to collect feedback, and how to pitch a business idea. They'll put what they learn in the program into immediate use in their community, even as they exchange ideas with peers on the other side of the world.


Each group is led by a mentor through lectures, discussions, case studies, and activities to explore what is social innovation. They'll put what they learn into practice by defining a problem, testing their assumptions, and iterating in response to feedback.


Use the top startup tools to design a digital solution that addresses a social problem your group has observed in both your communities. Work with Silicon Valley concepts including:

  • Lean Startup Methodology
  • Rapid Iteration
  • IDEO Design Thinking & UX Design


Pitch your idea to a panel of social entrepreneurs. Prove to them you've identified the next big opportunity and are offering the right solution for the market. Convince the judges and your group could win free startup resources, mentoring, or even seed money for your idea.

Past Participants

"It was an unforgettable teamwork experience."
Aaron W., Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School

"Very creative and academic; I loved it."
Evan S., Jiangsu Tianyi High School

"In the program I learned how to work and cooperate with people from different countries and backgrounds and come up with a business plan that could solve a common problem in our communities. At first it was difficult but once we kept working at it the plan came together."
Cameron B., D.C. Public High Schools

"Over the course of the program, I’ve gotten to know my American teammates a lot more, and it’s been a pleasure working with them. Even though there were some challenges, we were able to push out a final product that we could all be proud of. This was definitely an interesting and unique experience that I am honored to have had."
Kevin L., Tsinghua Int'l School Beijing

Application Process

  1. Submit online application form
  2. Interview with the organizers online

Email students [at] divvii.cn for information on need-based scholarships.


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