Founding Team

We founded DIVVII with the intention of connecting people with opportunities. We designed it to broker connections across diverse networks, a virtual laboratory for creative and collaborative leaders who are committed to their common success. We believe that DIVVII can be a way to give wisdom and apply it, a way to both benefit and pay it forward.


Tidus Coleman

Tidus is a lifelong learner, investor, entrepreneur, and community activist based out of Los Angeles, California. His passion lies in global politics, entrepreneurship and entertainment, and he aims to use data science, machine learning, and digital media intelligence to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to access the resources required to achieve entrepreneurial success. Tidus is currently the Chairman and President of DIVVII, and he's the CEO of DIVVII Media (, a DIVVII subsidiary that offers highly effective business development solutions to start-ups and small companies looking to grow their business. 


Nicholas Clark

Nicholas has a passion for connecting people together to solve problems. A U.S. native and Shanghai expat, he has a strong background in brokering social exchanges between people and comes from a background in international education, equipping and training students to learn in other cultures. He is the Managing Director of DIVVII in China (, which promotes cross-border innovation through mentoring, student events, and student programs. Nicholas is a graduate of Georgetown University.

We gotta make sure that all of our young people around the world have the tools they need to start new ventures and create the jobs of the 21st Century.
— Barack Obama

Our team was inspired by former President Barack Obama's words during the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit.  We took President Obama's message as a call to action, and decided to launch DIVVII with the belief that anyone from any background deserves to have a voice in their communities, and a chance to develop their entrepreneurial potential.

Great ideas and innovation are universal concepts. DIVVII aims to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to access the resources required to achieve entrepreneurial success. 


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